Travis Tranel

Letters: Teachers union unfair to Tranel

Telegraph Herald – Monday, October 25, 2010
I have known Travis Tranel, 49th District Wisconsin Assembly candidate, for about five years. I know him to be an articulate, intelligent young man with lots of genuine enthusiasm, who knows and cares about the lawmaking process.
Travis has more than a farm background. He and his family are involved in the day-to-day business of farming. Therefore, legislation impacting agriculture will be of the utmost importance to him and his fellow farmers.
The Wisconsin teachers’ group known as WEAC is a labor union, pure and simple. My observation as a teacher for 30-plus years is that the candidate with a “D” behind his/her name is the candidate that received WEAC endorsement.
I believe that the union sets the ideas regarding education, not the candidate. As a result, this symbiotic relationship exists to the exclusive benefit of the Democratic candidate(s) and the teachers’ union.
A WEAC ad gave not Travis’ responses to specific questions, but what they reflected as to what his answers would be, based on the planks of the state Republican platform. While operating under the umbrella of precepts of the Republican Party, Mr. Tranel is quite capable of thinking and answering for himself, and is able to think independently.
Age and experience are factors, but they are not the most important factors. Respect of and for fellow legislators, the ability to formulate and articulate ideas and issues, and an ongoing quest to learn more about an issue are the important factors.
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