Travis Tranel

Letter: Liberal special interests bailing out Garthwaite

Telegraph Herald – Friday, October 29, 2010
In his Oct. 27 letter, Mr. Wisnewski focuses on spending by outside groups for Travis Tranel.
In comparison, look at Greater Wisconsin Committee, a liberal special-interest group. Since August, they’ve spent over $200,000, with $30,000 on direct mail, $6,900 on radio, and $15,000 on cable. Now they’re spending $152,000 in negative network TV ads bashing Travis and Jack Cummings. Yes, $152,000!
What they’re spewing is ludicrous. They claim Travis will take away Social Security. He’s running for State Assembly; Social Security is a federal issue. State Assembly has nothing to do it. And Travis doesn’t oppose Social Security.
Does Greater Wisconsin Committee think they can buy this election for Garthwaite?
Where does Greater Wisconsin Committee’s funding come from? Jim Doyle donated $1.5 million, of which approximately $200,000 has been used to attack Travis.
Garthwaite voted for Doyle’s budget that increased spending by 10 percent, taxes by almost $5 billion, and cut rural education aids in order to spare cuts to Democrat Milwaukee. Is Doyle now bailing out Garthwaite, funneling campaign cash through Greater Wisconsin Committee?
Ignore all third-party nonsense. Look at the candidate’s words and actions. Tranel says he’ll cut wasteful spending, lower taxes and prioritize job creation. Garthwaite’s voting record shows he’s for increased government spending and taxes.
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