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Wisconsin 49th Assembly race: Tranel keeps close eye on taxes, highway funding

CUBA CITY, Wis. — Incumbent Republican Travis Tranel is seeking his third, two-year term in the Wisconsin State Assembly.
In 2010, Tranel, a rural Cuba City agribusinessman, unseated incumbent Phil Garthwaite, a two-term Democrat, in the 49th Assembly District. It was a rematch of 2008.
In 2012, Tranel defeated Democrat Carol Beals, of Platteville.
Tranel serves on five house committees, including agriculture. The organic and fifth-generation dairy farmer has remained close to his roots.
“My continued participation in the private sector reminds me every day that the decisions made in Madison have real-world effects,” he said. “All too often, professional politicians lose touch with the people they represent. I understand how hard it is to succeed in today’s economy.”
Tranel supports a program initiated by Gov. Scott Walker. Wisconsin Fast Forward allows all of the state’s technical colleges to expand access to skills training for in- demand fields.
“Politicians are always talking about creating jobs,” he said. “However, I am starting to notice that we seem to have a lot of jobs available, but employers are having a hard time finding people who are qualified to take them. We need to make sure that potential employees have the training they need for the jobs that are available.”
Tranel thinks taxes will continue to be a major issue in Wisconsin.
“Despite the more than $2 billion we were able to reduce income and property taxes by, Wisconsin remains one of the highest-taxed states in the country,” he said. “Moving forward, we have to understand continuing to raise taxes is not the answer, but growing the economy and overall tax base is.
Tranel believes transportation remains a challenge — as it does in every state, he adds.
“The efficiency of today’s cars and the fact that people are driving less, means that the traditional ways of funding our roads and bridges may need to be altered,” he said.
“We need to be smart in the way in which we approach this challenge and make sure that we don’t place an undue burden on the average driver.”