Tranel for 49th District

Wisconsin State Journal Endorses Travis Tranel

Our endorsements for the Wisconsin Legislature: Vote for strong state leaders

Assembly District 49


This incumbent Republican lawmaker from Cuba City in southwest Wisconsin is a strong advocate for his fellow farmers. He forcefully objected when Sonny Perdue, his own party’s U.S. Agriculture secretary, dismissed the viability of small farmers at the World Dairy Expo in Madison last year. Tranel has stuck up for immigrants who work hard on Wisconsin farms, and he’s encouraged Wisconsin’s universities to find new products for milk. Tranel is easygoing yet effective and knowledgeable for his constituents. He was one of the first Republicans to cosponsor a bill for nonpartisan redistricting. We thank Tranel’s Democratic opponent, Shaun Murphy-Lopez of Hillsboro, for giving voters a choice on the Nov. 3 ballot. But Tranel deserves reelection.

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