Wisconsin 49th Assembly race: Tranel keeps close eye on taxes, highway funding


CUBA CITY, Wis. — Incumbent Republican Travis Tranel is seeking his third, two-year term in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

In 2010, Tranel, a rural Cuba City agribusinessman, unseated incumbent Phil Garthwaite, a two-term Democrat, in the 49th Assembly District. It was a rematch of 2008.

In 2012, Tranel defeated Democrat Carol Beals, of Platteville.

Tranel serves on five house committees, including agriculture. The organic and fifth-generation dairy farmer has remained close to his roots.

“My continued participation in the private sector reminds me every day that the decisions made in Madison have real-world effects,” he said. “All too often, professional politicians lose touch with the people they represent. I understand how hard it is to succeed in today’s economy.”

Tranel supports a program initiated by Gov. Scott Walker. Wisconsin Fast Forward allows all of the state’s technical colleges to expand access to skills training for in- demand fields.

“Politicians are always talking about creating jobs,” he said. “However, I am starting to notice that we seem to have a lot of jobs available, but employers are having a hard time finding people who are qualified to take them. We need to make sure that potential employees have the training they need for the jobs that are available.”

Tranel thinks taxes will continue to be a major issue in Wisconsin.

“Despite the more than $2 billion we were able to reduce income and property taxes by, Wisconsin remains one of the highest-taxed states in the country,” he said. “Moving forward, we have to understand continuing to raise taxes is not the answer, but growing the economy and overall tax base is.

Tranel believes transportation remains a challenge — as it does in every state, he adds.

“The efficiency of today’s cars and the fact that people are driving less, means that the traditional ways of funding our roads and bridges may need to be altered,” he said.

“We need to be smart in the way in which we approach this challenge and make sure that we don’t place an undue burden on the average driver.”

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Team Tranel: $50,000+ Cash on Hand

February 1, 2014

Team Tranel: $50,000+ Cash on Hand

Cuba City, WI –State Representative Travis Tranel’s campaign reported that it has raised over $26,000 during the latest campaign finance reporting period.  (July-December 2013)

This strong fundraising effort puts Team Tranel in a great position heading into the 2014 election cycle.  The Tranel campaign has $51,800 cash on hand and no declared opponent for the November ’14 election.

“We have a really great team here in Southwest Wisconsin!  Unfortunately, campaigns are very expensive and it’s humbling to know that so many friends are willing to support my re-election,” said Tranel.  “I will continue working hard to help the citizens of Southwest Wisconsin.”

Representative Tranel will officially announce his re-election campaign, for a third term, this spring.  In 2012, Rep. Tranel defeated Democrat Carol Beals by over 2,000 votes. (54% to 46%)

The 49th State Assembly District includes all of Grant County, and parts of Richland, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties.


Wisconsin house district 49: Travis Tranel

BY CRAIG D. REBER TH STAFF WRITER * CREBER@WCINET.COM | Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 12:00 am

TRANEL: “It’s nice to win. It’s good to see all the hard work that the whole team put in, a phenomenal team, in southwest Wisconsin. We ran a clean campaign, and I think with running for office shows you have to have some substance. I’m a big believer that when you’re elected, you have to do a good job rather than convince people in the last two months. Most voters realize that I’m working hard to represent the people of southwest Wisconsin.”

BEALS QUOTE: “I met a lot of great people during the campaign. And at the end of the day I want to congratulate Travis on his victory.”

TRANEL’S BIO: A Loras College graduate, Tranel had double academic degrees in finance and economics. Vice chairman of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture, Tranel operates an organic dairy farm with his wife, Stephanie, and three children in rural Cuba City.

GOALS FOR TERM:“Balance the budget without raising taxes, continuing to make Wisconsin competitive for business and make really sure, and this is important, that we work together to solve problems. The underlying theme in this election is people working together to solve problems.”

“It’s humbling to be elected, but to be re-elected means that people in southwest Wisconsin think you’re doing a good job and that’s important to me. Every election is an interview. I work for them. They can toss me out. Thankfully they didn’t do that.”

Tranel / Beals 49th Assembly Debate

Wisconsin’s 49th Assembly District candidates, incumbent Travis Tranel, R-Cuba City, and his challenger, Platteville Democrat Carol Beals, a Grant County supervisor, squared off in a debate Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Dickeyville Community Center in Dickeyville, WI. Below are audio files from that debate.

Debate Part 1

Debate Part 2

Debate Part 3

Debate Part 4

Debate Part 5

U.S. Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson to visit Platteville

Tommy Thompson
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012
Time: 11 a.m. - 12 noon
Location: Old Farm & Fleet Parking lot on Hwy 80/81
Contact: Dennis - 608-732-8229

Please feel free to bring a friend!

The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association Endorses Travis Tranel

The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association endorses proven pro-cattle candidates in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association endorses proven pro-cattle candidates in Wisconsin. Today, the WCA announces its endorsement Travis Tranel.
WCA is an independent, non-governmental, voluntary member organization of farm and ranch families working together to provide leadership, representation and support for the beef industry by stimulating growth, profitable production, recommending legislation, supporting education, research and youth programs and by promoting beef consumption, product development, building market strength, and increasing market share in cooperation with other organizations.

Telegraph Herald Endorses Travis Tranel

Our opinion: Re-elect Tranel to Wisconsin House

BY THE TH EDITORIAL BOARD | Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 12:00 am

Rep. Travis Tranel’s first term in the Wisconsin Assembly was anything but normal.

Armed police hustling legislators from their offices for protection isn’t business as usual in the Capitol. But Gov. Scott Walker’s measure to effectively end collective bargaining resulted in angry protesters descending upon Madison. Normalcy went out the window.

During that time of bitter partisanship, one might expect the rookies to keep quiet and follow the party leadership. But Tranel tried hard to stick to his principles while confronting what he considered a no-win situation — and he voted against the wishes of the governor, a fellow Republican.

Tranel’s performance as a freshman lawmaker during such a tumultuous period in Wisconsin politics is but one reason voters in District 49 should re-elect him to the state Assembly.

The good news for the people of southwest Wisconsin is that, no matter which candidate prevails on Tuesday, Nov. 6, Assembly District 49 will be represented by a thoughtful and principled lawmaker.

Democratic challenger Carol Beals brings government experience — as a Grant County supervisor — and leadership — as president of Wisconsin State Employees Union Local 1622 for the past 20 years and longtime chairwoman of the county’s Democratic Party.

Beals is knowledgeable and articulate and demonstrates a deep conviction for her beliefs. But in this divisive political landscape, it is hard to imagine this union leader working toward compromise in a bipartisan fashion on some key issues.

The Republican incumbent, Tranel speaks frankly about the challenges he faced as a freshman representative. While he agreed with Walker’s plan to have public employees contribute to their health care coverage and their pensions, he didn’t agree with the “shove-it-down-your-throat” approach. Tranel also wanted to include police and fire personnel in the collective bargaining legislation, which he says would have increased the state’s savings and allowed reforms to be phased in over time, which might have made them more palatable. Tranel was one of just four Republicans who voted against the bill.

In his goals for a second term, Tranel supports converting the state’s finances to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles from a cash accounting system, which he says would immediately help improve the state’s budget picture. Tranel introduced another budget-related measure that would create a “rainy day fund” for state government.

The TH Editorial Board endorsed Tranel in his unsuccessful bid for this seat in 2008, when he was just 23. We endorsed him again two years ago, when he defeated the incumbent. The enthusiasm and potential we saw in him is still there, and it is now backed with two years of experience.

Beals is a strong candidate, but Tranel still gets the nod for the best representative for District 49.

Editorials reflect the consensus of the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.

Wisconsin Pork Association Board of Directors Endorses Travis Tranel

The Wisconsin Pork Association Board of Directors announced that Travis Tranel is among the candidates they are endorsing in the 2012 state elections. The Wisconsin Pork Association’s mission is to insure the future success of the Wisconsin pork industry.  WPA represents the interests of the pork industry members with a strong emphasis on social issues, public and government policies, environment, animal welfare and safety.

Read Endorsement Document

VFA Endorses Travis Tranel for 49th Assembly District

OCTOBER 12, 2012

Travis Tranel of Cuba City has been endorsed by the Volunteers for Agriculture (VFA) Committee for the 49th Assembly District. The VFA is the political action arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

“Representative Tranel in his first term in the State Assembly quickly became a leader on agricultural issues,” said Paul Zimmerman, Executive Director of Governmental Relations for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau. “As a farmer, Representative Tranel could personally relate to the issues farmers across the state face each day. Farmers in southwestern Wisconsin appreciate his support for use value assessment of farmland, efforts to protect the health of Wisconsin’s livestock industry and incentives to modernize dairy and livestock farms.”

“WFBF looks forward to working with Representative Tranel next session to grow Wisconsin’s agricultural economy, which accounts for one in 10 jobs in the state,” Zimmerman said.

The 49th Assembly District consists of all of Grant County and portions of Iowa, Richland and Lafayette counties. Tranel, a Republican, faces a challenge in the November 6 general election.

The Volunteers for Agriculture Committee is comprised of 18 farmers from across the state, and was formed to give farmers a more direct role in electing leaders who best represent agriculture’s interests.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization with members of every farm size, commodity and management style.

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Rep. Travis Tranel: Statement on Congressman Paul Ryan Choice for V.P.

Tranel - Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan, Stephanie Tranel and Rep. Travis Tranel at home of Mike and Jen North. Team Tranel Reception

August 11, 2012

“Congressman Paul Ryan is a bold and courageous choice for Vice-President. It was truly an honor having him campaign for me last month in Southwest Wisconsin. I am proud to call him a friend. Governor Romney has made a very wise decision for our country’s future. Paul is a person of strong character, solid conservative convictions and is genuinely committed to solving our country’s most pressing problems. The Romney/Ryan team will help bring America back to prosperity.”

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Travis Tranel – 608.778.5567
E-mail: Travis@TravisTranel.com

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