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Tranel named Vice Chair of Ag Committee
Cuba City, WI – December 3, 2010
Representative-elect Travis Tranel is announcing his appointment as Vice-Chair of the Assembly Committee on Agriculture. Tranel says he is humbled by the appointment but excited to get to work on issues that benefit farmers and bring jobs to rural Wisconsin.
“I am thrilled to be able to go to Madison and serve in this capacity,” said Tranel. “I got into politics with the hope and desire to make a difference for the people of southwest Wisconsin. With this appointment, it looks like that hope is going to become a reality.”
Speaker-elect Jeff Fitzgerald is citing Tranel’s experience as a dairy farmer, milking 120 cows in Hazel Green Township as one reason for the appointment. Fitzgerald also says that Tranel has a proven record of creating agri-business jobs that he can apply to helping rural Wisconsin with its high unemployment problems.
“Tranel’s success as a small dairy farmer and as a job creator make him a prime candidate for the post,” said Fitzgerald. “I look forward to working with Travis on legislation to strengthen Wisconsin’s farming heritage and to help bring good jobs to rural Wisconsin.”
Tranel doesn’t take office until January 3rd but says he is already hard at work brainstorming ideas to improve Wisconsin’s economy and particularly to help rural Wisconsin. Until he officially takes office, Tranel can be reached at: 608-778-5567.
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Attacks on Tranel called “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Lies
Cuba City, WI – October 28, 2010
Travis Tranel, challenger for the 49th Assembly District says that radio and television ads being run by a group called the Greater Wisconsin Committee are flat out lies and he now has the support of campaign watchdog and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to back up his claims. says the negative attack ads against Tranel are “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” lies, a rating reserved for only the most dishonest and dirty campaign attacks.
“It’s nice to see a spade called a spade,” said Tranel. “I’m not going to take away social security or give loopholes to millionaires. Garthwaite and his campaign supporters should stop lying and run on his record.”
According to documents filed with the Government Accountability Board, the negative attack group is spending over $152,000 on network television ads against Tranel. Tranel says this comes in addition to over $50,000 the group has spent attacking him with “liar, liar, pants on fire” direct mail pieces, radio ads, and cable commercials. Recent news reports reveal that the group was able to raise these funds primarily through $1.5 million in donations from outgoing Governor Jim Doyle’s campaign.
“This liberal hatchet group is spending over $200,000 to prop up the incumbent, Phil Garthwaite,” said Tranel. “It begs the question, why would a group whose agenda includes increasing government spending and raising taxes be spending so much money to help Phil?”
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Tranel Endorsed by NRA
Cuba City, WI – October 11, 2010
Republican Challenger for the 49th Assembly District, Travis Tranel, is announcing the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Tranel, who received an “A” rating from the NRA says he is proud to accept the endorsement of the Second Amendment rights and pro-hunter group.
“I’ll gladly take the endorsement of America’s largest grass roots supporter of gun and hunting rights,” said Tranel. “I believe that Wisconsinites have a right to defend themselves and their families and I will vote to reflect that belief.”
Tranel, a member of Ducks Unlimited, says he will make it a priority to keep public lands open to sportsmen. He also says he will work ensure that hunting and fishing fees are used properly and not raided for general spending.
Tranel’s opponent Phil Garthwaite (D-Dickeyville) earned a “C” rating from the NRA. The election for the 49th Assembly District takes place November 2nd, 2010.
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UWP Receives Grant
Cuba City, WI – September 17, 2010
Travis Tranel, Republican challenger for State Assembly, is praising the University of Wisconsin – Platteville for receiving a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $200,000 to expand their nanotechnology engineering program. Tranel says he is thrilled by the award and hopes to help UW-Platteville to expand the successful program if elected to the legislature.
“My top reason for running for office is to enact pro-growth policies that bring good jobs to Southwest, WI,” said Tranel. “If we can improve Wisconsin’s jobs climate overall, UWP’s nanotechnology program will have the potential to attract major employers to our area.”
Tranel calls UWP vital to the economic success of Platteville and the region as a whole. He says that improving interaction and cooperation between the UW System and private businesses is a cornerstone of his pro-jobs, pro growth agenda.
“When you have a world-class university in your backyard like we do there shouldn’t be barriers between the services it can provide and the research and development needs of employers in the area,” said Tranel. “We must strive to expand existing collaborations between UWP and area business and to help facilitate new ones.”
UW Platteville’s Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education Program is premier in the nation. Nanotechnology, once thought to be more science fiction than science, is now practically applied in hundreds of ways and has the potential to revolutionize modern American industry.
Tranel is challenging incumbent politician Phil Garthwaite (D-Dickeyville) to represent the 49th Assembly District, which includes all of Grant County and portions of Iowa, Lafayette, and Richland Counties. The General Election will be held on November 2nd.
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Statement On Primary Victory
Cuba City, WI – September 15, 2010
After a compelling victory in Tuesday’s primary election, Republican challenger for the 49th Assembly District Travis Tranel says he is grateful to the voters who turned out to the polls to support him. He also says he is thankful to his primary opponent, David Kuhle, for running a hard fought race that brought attention to the Conservative values of limited government and lower state spending and taxing.
“My opponent ran an impressive race and at the end of the day I am glad that we had the primary,” said Tranel. “It created a venue for Mr. Kuhle and I to communicate with the voters about the issues that really matter – stopping out of control government spending, lowering taxes, and bringing jobs to Southwest, WI.”
Tranel says he will transition his campaign to focus on his opponent for the general election, Rep. Phil Garthwaite. He says he hopes to run a positive campaign to educate the voters about Rep. Garthwaite’s voting record in Madison.
“Rep. Garthwaite is a well meaning guy but he’s fallen in with the big government, tax and spend crowd that runs Washington and Madison,” said Tranel. “I will contrast my pro-jobs agenda with his record of voting for spending increases, burdensome regulation and tax hikes.”
“This November the Voters will have a very clear choice,” said Tranel. “I oppose increasing taxes on working families and employers and Rep. Garthwaite voted to increase taxes by $4.77 billion over the last two years. I support limiting government spending while Rep. Garthwaite voted for a 10% spending increase in the last budget that left Wisconsin $2.7 billion in debt. Rep. Garthwaite and I both believe in supporting our schools but when it came time to vote in Madison, he stuck with his party and voted to cut aid to rural school districts like Cassville by as much as 15% while only cutting Democrat Milwaukee by less than 1%.”
The 49th Assembly District includes Grant County and parts of Richland, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties. The General Election will be held on November 2nd.
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WI Right to Life Endorses Tranel
Dear Mr. Tranel,
I am very pleased to inform you that the Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed your candidacy for election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.
We deeply appreciate your support for legislative initiatives that would enhance the sanctity of human life. We believe your election to the State Assembly will greatly contribute to the building of a culture of life in our state where every human life is welcomed and protected.
On behalf of the Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee I extend to you our very best wishes and our heartfelt thanks for your strong commitment to protect the most vulnerable members of the human family.
Bonnie A. Pfaff, Chair
Wisconsin Right to Life
Political Action Committee

Tranel for Assembly: $22,000 Cash on Hand – July 20, 2010
Tranel says successful fundraising boosted by public frustration with incumbent Democrat policies
Cuba City, WI – Travis Tranel, Republican Candidate for Wisconsin’s 49th Assembly District, is reporting that his campaign has $22,000 cash on hand. The campaign has raised nearly $18,000 during the July reporting period. Tranel says that donors frequently expressed frustration with tax and spending increases supported by the incumbent Democrat.
“I am humbled by the many donations made by my supporters in Grant County and the surrounding areas,” said Tranel. “Our strong showing is indicative of the momentum of our campaign to restore common sense and fiscal sanity to our government.”
Tranel says that 90% of the donations to his campaign came from within the 49th district and that much of the rest came from surrounding areas in Southwest, WI. More than 160 donations were received throughout the July reporting period.
“The voters of Southwest, WI are frustrated with policies from our incumbent legislator that increased spending by 10% and hiked taxes by nearly $5 billion, hurting our economic recovery.” said Tranel. “It’s time to get spending under control and to bring jobs to our area.”
The 49th Assembly District includes all of Grant County, and parts of Richland, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties. The Republican primary will be held on September 14th and the General Election will be held on November 2nd.
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Travis Tranel for 49th AssemblyTranel to Seek 49th Assembly Seat – April 26, 2010
Cuba City, WI – Grant County dairy farmer Travis Tranel officially announced today that he is going to challenge Democrat State Representative Phil Garthwaite to represent the 49th Assembly District in 2010.
Tranel says his main reason for running is to improve the economy of Southwest Wisconsin by reining in government, and because the area needs someone who truly represents the needs, interests, and values of the folks living in the 49th Assembly District. Tranel says the current Representative seems to pay more attention to keeping the folks in Madison happy than actually representing the needs of the 49th District, and says he is particularly critical of Rep. Garthwaite’s votes to raise taxes by nearly $5 billion dollars last year.
Tranel says he remains disappointed with the direction our government continues to head. “Higher taxes and bloated government spending are not going to get our economy back on track,” said Tranel. “We have to stop spending money we don’t have and borrowing from future generations. I believe people are starting to realize that our current politicians are blowing it. At some point you have to stand up and say enough is enough. We need to get back to basics.”
Tranel believes that Wisconsin’s tax climate is a big reason the state has lost over 250,000 jobs in the last year and a half, and over 4.3 percent of its private sector businesses since 2006. He also said he believes that hard working families should be able to keep more of what they earn.
Tranel won the 49th Assembly District 3 way Republican primary in 2008 by 10 percentage points. Campaigning for lower taxes and more responsible spending, he went on to make an impressive showing in the general election, out-performing the top of the Republican ticket by over 2,000 votes.
Tranel is an active member of St. Joseph’s Church in Sinsinawa, where he serves on the Parish Council. He is also a member of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, the Knights of Columbus, the National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, and the newly formed Southwest Wisconsin Young Professionals. He is a graduate of Loras College, and holds degrees in economics and finance. Travis and his wife Stephanie farm in rural Cuba City where they are raising their daughter, Evelyn.
The Republican primary will be held on September 14th and the General Election will be held on November 2nd.
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