Helping Families and Communities During Crisis

As our state deals with fallout from the spread of coronavirus, Travis Tranel continues working to help families, communities, and businesses in the district. He voted for bipartisan legislation that removed the waiting period for unemployment benefits for those who’ve lost their jobs during the shutdown, eliminated co-pays for coronavirus testing, and allowed the state to draw down federal funds to deal with the crisis. Travis believes it is important to get our state safely opened back up and working again while continuing to take common sense precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.

Prioritizing Rural Wisconsin

As a lifelong resident of rural Wisconsin, Travis knows the unique challenges of our small communities. That’s why he voted for a program to help address teacher shortages in rural communities and supported a funding increase for a program aimed at addressing Wisconsin’s rural physician shortage. Travis also supported an increase for local road aids and broadband in our rural communities, and led the charge in Madison to fund the dairy innovation hub at UW-Platteville. Travis understands that investments in programs like these will have a huge impact on quality of life in rural Wisconsin.

Funding K-12 Education

Our youth are Wisconsin’s future. That is why Travis has voted repeatedly to increase funding for education here in the state. He knows it’s important that students and teachers have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

Holding the Line on Taxes

Travis fought against repeated attempts to raise taxes on the middle-class, small business, and family farms. He also worked to reduce the tax burden on those same hard-working taxpayers. Travis voted for a budget that provided over $500 million in tax cuts, and has voted to provide additional tax relief to middle-class Wisconsinites during his time in office.